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Stephen Canty, Hotbrass Productions

Stephen Canty, Hotbrass Productions

Dance Discovery is a fun introduction to dance for ages 3-5. Creative movement, rhythm, motor skill development, listening skills, basic ballet positions, and social interaction are all rolled into a 40 minutes class. Leotard color for girls is pastel pink. Smiles are required.

Children’s Division Ballet (for ages 5 to 16)

Pre-Primary (Pink)
Primary (White) once a week, 1st grade & up
Ballet 1 (Light Blue) 2nd grade & up
Ballet 2 (Lilac) students are recommended to take 2 classes /week. 3rd grade & up
Ballet 3 (Mulberry) students are required to take 2 classes /week in order to move up to the next level each semester.
Ballet 4 (Red) students are required to take 2 classes /week.
Ballet 5 (Navy) students are required to take 2 classes /week.

Stephen Canty, Hotbrass Productions

Stephen Canty, Hotbrass Productions

Teen/Adult Ballet   It’s never too late to start dancing!

Looking for a new way to exercise, improve your posture, and have fun at the same time?  Ballet is also great for cross training for any sports and the performing arts.

Beginner Ballet: First timers are welcomed.

Foundation Ballet: No pointe shoes. Focuses on basic ballet skills.

Intermediate Ballet: Focuses on more fun and challenging techniques than the Basic Ballet class. For dancers who have at least a few years of dance training.

Advanced Ballet: For experienced ballet dancers with a strong grasp of ballet technique and vocabulary.

Ballet Pointe: Technique on pointe. Students must be taking at least 2 days/week in addition to this class. New students must have instructor permission before starting pointe.

Variation (Repertoire): Offered for students in Ballet Pointe, who learn current versions (adapted where necessary) of well-known variations from major ballets, as well as the history of each variation’s development. The variations are performed before an audience during the school year.

Stephen Canty, Hotbrass Productions

Stephen Canty, Hotbrass Productions

Hip Hop, Jazz/Modern, Tap Buti Yoga and Zena Rommett Floor-Barre® 

Hip Hop: to inspire everyone not only to be able to follow hip hop choreography, but to also let people find their own unique expression through hip hop dancing. Taught by Jason.

Tap & Jazz, Modern is offered to students age 5 and up. A fun way to develop your dance technique and expression. Students are strongly encouraged to be enrolled in a ballet class as well to learn fundamental techniques.

Buti Yoga is a soulful blend of power yoga, cardio-intensive tribal dance and deep abdominal toning. Wear yoga pants if that’s your comfort zone, but short shorts are welcome. 

The Zana Rommett Floor-Barrre Technique is very beneficial to dancers and athletes, as well as the injured or elderly. It safely strengthens and lengthens muscles, improving alignment and posture, and creating greater flexibility in the body. No previous experience necessary.

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