BCS4BALLETSCHOOL During the regular school year, the school provides ballet classes with professional instruction following the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The emphasis is on proper technique and performance style in accordance with the body’s stage of development. The method caters to any student – whether considering dance as a career or just for enjoyment. Subjects included in each class level are ballet, character and free-movement.

We also offer Hip hop, Jazz/Contemporary, Tap and Floor Barre® classes for all ages.


Zena Rommett’s Floor-Barre® Since 1968, Zena Rommett’s Floor-Barre® Technique has helped injured dancers recover quickly and extend their careers. The program has also aided “regular” folks who suffer from back pain, significantly reduce or eliminate completely their symptoms, so even the non-dancer will benefit from her program.

Floor-Barre® is a holistic approach to body wellness emphasizing the importance of the whole, rather than analysis or dissection of its parts. Floor-Barre® concentrates on the whole body, sequentially correcting alignment and strengthening joints and muscles, thus fundamental physical problems and ailments are addressed. Floor-Barre® is taught by certified teacher Sherry Whaley at the Center.

Buti Yoga: BUTI is an Indian Marathi word that means: a cure Hidden beneath the surface or kept secret.

Each of our formats utilized the Spiral Structure Technique™ (SST): a unique approach to muscle training developed by Bizzie Gold. The SST™ trains ALL core muscles and is a critical engagement to prevent injury and maximize core strength and appearance, choosing to work with natural flow, rather than against it, it will fuel transformation from the inside out.

We are committed to the creation of an empowered community who support one another in their pursuit of health and happiness. We draw on primal energy and movement to nurture our bodies and thrive. Taught by Jessica Weinstock, Certified Buti Yoga Instructor. 

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